FirstWave Group BV and its subsiduaries (“FirstWave”) reserve the right to routinely monitor, log and record any and all use of its electronic communications, email and internet facilities for the purpose of: 1) Helping to trace and resolve technical faults. 2) Protecting and maintaining network and system security. 3) Maintaining system performance and availability. 4) Ensure the privacy and integrity of information stored on the FirstWave network. 5) Investigating actual and suspected security incidents. 6 ) Preventing, detecting and minimising inappropriate use. 7) Protecting the rights and property of the FirstWave, its staff and it’s cuatomers. 8) Ensuring compliance with FirstWave policies, current legislation and applicable regulations.

Recordings of conference calls will be retained for 30 days or as long as they may be required for these purposes.

By using FirstWave’s conference facilities you agree to the conference being recorded.