We are the leaders in

African Aquaculture

We have built and operate a vertically-integrated group of companies across the production, distribution and retail of fish and aquafeed in Southern and Eastern Africa.

We are at the forefront of addressing food security on the continent

Our mission is to improve livelihoods by making sustainably produced protein abundantly available in Africa.

We have developed the complete
aquaculture value chain


We own and operate Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest and most modern aquafeed factory.

Aquaculture & processing

We grow tilapia in the pristine open waters of Lake Kariba and Lake Victoria

Distribution and retail

We distribute over 35 million fish per year through our 50+ distributors.

Sustainable protein products for African markets

We produce aquafeed, grow fish and deliver products to urban markets across the region.

Our human capital

We have over 1,000 team-members across Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa dedicated to providing an abundant supply of affordable protein to growing African markets.

Our strategic partners

We are supported by reputable partners on our journey to become the largest producer of animal protein in Africa, lowest cost producer of fish globally, and leader in food sustainability.

How we tackle sustainability
in Africa

We focus on aquaculture because it is the most sustainable source of animal protein and farmed fish has a dramatically lower environmental impact than other forms of livestock.

Local inputs for local consumption

More than 85% of our raw materials for feed are sourced locally and 99% within Africa.

Plant protein-based diet

We convert soya meal, maize and wheat bran into fish for urban consumers.

Near zero nutrient loading in Lake Kariba

Our internal environmental and social management team is working with Wageningen and our funders to lead long-term lake management for sustainable fisheries.

Fish beats any other protein in CO2 emissions

Farmed fish is one of the only categories of animal protein classified as low emissions impact, and has only a fraction of the environmental impact of beef and less than poultry and pork.

We pride ourselves in being the clear leader in a large market

Our value chain converts locally sourced agricultural commodities into locally consumed white protein for urban households.


Country sales footprint

We have grown to become industry leaders in 5 years and have 200+ sales points including 60 fishmonger shops in Zambia, Uganda, and Malawi.

0 +

Million fish

sold in 2020, and an average of 120,000 meals served each month.

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